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Tumi Silverstone International Carry-on

GIFT GUIDE EXCLUSIVE: World launch of carbon-fibre travel collection by Tumi

Tumi Silverstone International Carry-on
Tumi's Carbon Fiber Silverstone International Carry-On

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[GIFT GUIDE] Bringing their own interpretation of the carbon-fibre phenomenon to the mix, internationally acclaimed bag brand Tumi releases the pinnacle of their carry-on collection: the CFX Carbon Fiber Silverstone International Carry-on.

Crafted from a carefully chosen set of high-tech materials form American manufacturer Carbitex, the soft-touch bag manages to maintain a low-stretch and light weight, without compromising on durability and toughness.

Being a carry-on, the Silverstone comes in at an airline-friendly 35cm in width, 55cm in height and 22cm in depth, weighing a shade over 5 kilograms.

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