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Discover New York with Avis

See this iconic American city your way, made possible by Avis

Discover New York with Avis

[Promotion] With wide open highways, scenic byways and thousands of miles of adventure to be had, it's no wonder the United States is the road trip capital of the world. 

The first stop on an quintessential American road trip is, of course, the most iconic American city: New York. Whether you're arriving through JFK, LaGuardia or Newark Liberty airport, picking up your Avis rental car is fast and easy, with Avis locations at all three of New York City's major airports. Just get behind the wheel and go.

Road trips are a blast, but getting lost is not, so don't forget to program your destination – whether it's the Statue of Liberty or your hotel – into your GPS. It'll help you avoid those frustrating inner-city traffic jams, too, so you can catch all the important sights without wasting any time. 

All that's left to do is turn up the tunes on your Avis Blast satellite radio, and enjoy the renowned landmarks of one of the world's greatest cities. See Times Square, look down from the heights of the Empire State Building, get a dose of culture at the Museum of Modern Art, go for a stroll in Central Park or take in a Broadway show. And don’t forget about parking, this New York City map will help you locate the closest parking spot for anywhere you are in the city.

Plan to go shopping and cruising down 5th Avenue? Be sure to book an Avis Signature Series automobile to maximize your 'cool' factor. A Cadillac will certainly do the trick, or perhaps a BMW or an Infiniti is more your style. 

Once you've seen all there is to see of New York City, hop in your Avis car for a day trip to the seaside (the Hamptons, anyone?), to Warwick for a food and wine adventure, or to Sleepy Hollow for a peek into rural American history. With Avis e-Toll, you can breeze through the toll lines, leaving you free to explore all that this beautiful state has to offer.