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2017: European Capitals of Culture

A look inside Aarhus and Pafos

2017: European Capitals of Culture

Almost 4,000 kilometres separate Denmark’s second biggest city, Aarhus, a bustling port on the country’s eastern seaboard, and Paphos, a modern harbour town on Cyprus’s southwest coast surrounded by reminders of the ancient world. Yet, they now share one thing in common – the title of European Capital of Culture 2017. For 12 months, the spotlight will be on these two very different cities, with a host of cultural events – musical, theatrical, artisitic and more - planned to complement the areas’ abundant charms, both ancient and modern.

Aarhus has titled its celebration RETHINK, encompassing concepts of culture beyond mere performance and exhibiting. 

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A well-trodden gateway into Europe, from Asia and beyond, Paphos will celebrate the explorer among its themes- its harbour hosts Eternal Travels in the summer, which will relate stories of travellers from antiquity to the modern day. 

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