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Paris Fashion Week: A/W15

The top five highlights & trends from the A/W15 catwalks in Paris

Paris Fashion Week: A/W15
Paris Fashion Week: A/W15. Image: Miu Miu A/W15

It says something about the state of fashion when the biggest event of the Paris show season was the appearance not of models on a catwalk but of two actors. The loudest applause by far went to Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, revisiting their rivalry in fashion spoof Zoolander at the end of the beautiful Valentino show, on the spurious grounds of promoting the sequel which is apparently being shot in Rome where Valentino is based. 

The second biggest applause came at Chanel, but it was possibly more for the set - a vast, fully-functioning Parisian brasserie built inside the Grand Palais. Fashion as show business is not new but, led by huge brands with deep pockets, it is at risk of taking over. Paris still has the most moving combination of creativity and craft that drives the industry's ideas forward but maybe it is time to let the clothes shine rather than the circus.

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