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Sustainable Style

Greening the moment: designers, artisans and jewellers embrace environmental sensitivity

Sustainable Style

Extended from the magazine, we look at the allure and importance of sustainable fashion, and how designers, artisans and jewellers are embracing this global trend and using it as a force for change.    

Talking to the artistic director and co-president of Chopard, we get an inside scoop on the ‘greening’ of haute joaillerie, and how careful craft and sustainable chic become one in their Red Carpet, Palme Verte and L.U.C collections.   

In conversation with the two young entrepreneurs behind online fashion retailer Gather & See, we delve into how far a respect for ethical fashion can go. Designed for the socially and environmentally aware woman, Gather & See provide shoppers with a selection of conscious fashion brands that blend ethics and aesthetics.