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Stylish Soles #19

Del Toro Alto Chukka “Copa Mondial”

Stylish Soles #19

Del Toro's Alto Chukka “Copa Mondial” sneaker sets the bar high for football fans looking to showcase their World Cup excitement in an original way. Luxury and a love for 'the game' are no longer mutually exclusive.

Football fever is in full swing with the FIFA World Cup just around the corner. Rather than opting for plastic instruments and clappers, knock-off football shirts and lei's in your country's colours, why not express your love for the sport with your feet? This rather classy pair of football-themed sneakers from Miami footwear experts Del Toro are sure to score points with your crowd of football friends without sacrificing your style.

Del Toro's home may be in the sunny, beachside city of Miami, but its roots remain firmly in Italy. The brand's co-founder Matthew Chevallard was born in Torino, and all of the shoes are handmade on the Adriatic Coast of the country. This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of quality-seeking style connoisseurs, as will the news that this pair or trendy kicks are crafted from some of the finest Nappa leathers.

The Copa Mondial follows the form of Del Toro's Alto Chukka sneaker style, but it is its digitally-printed design that sets it apart from its equally fashionable Chukka peers.

Even the laces have an upgrade from the standard sneaker go-to material, using white leather. The leather isn't merely on on the outers either, a leather lining keeps feet cool and comfortable. Fans of the brand as well as 'the game' will be pleased to see the Del Toro indicators of the name printed on the white Ambra Margom sole, and the signature red leather heel tab.

These sneakers take the whole world out of your hands, and put it on your feet.

The sneakers will be available at the end of May

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