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A Charitable Pour

In conversation with Dominic Jones: a new charitable collection, capitalism and what’s next

A Charitable Pour

A new Dominic Jones collaboration is here and offering a unique opportunity to give back. The award-winning jeweller teamed up with Absolut Elyx and the charity Water For People in their mission to bring access to safe water to over 100,000 people worldwide by creating a limited collection consisting of five bespoke rose gold bottle toppers and matching pendants. With 100% of the proceeds going to charity, Jones wishes to bring attention to a necessity many take for granted. We asked Jones about the importance of this project, the pieces and what’s next for him.

Departures: This collaboration with Water for People and Absolut Elyx is in celebration of their 5-year mission to bring access to safe water for people worldwide. Why is this cause so important to you?

Dominic Jones: Because it’s so fundamental, water is something I personally take for granted every couple of hours each day. I've never had to worry about it; I can only think of a handful of times in my life where the water was cut for just a few hours. Yet there are whole communities that don’t have any access to clean water, and it’s too easy to have that knowledge and keep it in that ‘out of sight out of mind’ mentality.

Describe the pieces you designed for this project. What makes them unique?

I always make my samples by hand using traditional techniques. Those handmade samples are used for press and what I take sales from; but the product you are able to buy is never those samples, they are the manufactured product. So this will be one of the very few occasions that the public can buy something I've personally made by hand. 

They're These pieces are inspired by that thing I see around ten times every day and pay no attention to at all: water going down a plug. They're carved to be water funnels; the lid is one that is in use with water flowing, the pendant is one that is dry. It signifies the possibilities created by this project and the literal water provide by the sale of each and every bottle of Absolut Elyx.

Describe this collection and project in one word…


You previously collaborated with the World Land Trust on a project which saw proceeds going toward the protection and conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest of South America. Will charitable collaborations always be a part of your work? How do you go about deciding who to collaborate with?

I think charity will always be a huge part of my work. As an idea, I don't like capitalism and greed; so, given the world my work sits within, it’s important for me to feel I'm balanced morally. That means using whatever influence I can spare, when I can spare it - that’s what I will always do. 

And finally, what’s next for Dominic Jones Jewellery?

There's a very big “next” coming by the end of this year. Sadly it’s too soon to be talking about it, but you'll all hear about it soon enough. Watch this space!

The collection is available at