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Makey Makey Makes Life One Big Game

Plug And Play

Childhood is perhaps the most inventive time in our lives: the imagination knows no bounds, and the whole world is a magical playground. The latter is perhaps what is missed most as a big kid: bananas aren't readily believed to function as telephones anymore, and the Play Dough remote control you made can't really control the games console… or can it?

Alphabetti Spaghetti games

Makey Makey is the ultimate invention tool for creative types wanting to make the real world their experiment – and have fun with it, too. Line up your browning bananas and turn them into a piano that plays tunes through the computer. If you can't finish your Alphabetti Spaghetti, then turn food waste into words and use the edible letters as keys to type a sentence onto a screen. Or, for those who are bored of the standard game console paraphernalia and dance competitions in their living room, why not replace the traditional party stepping pads with buckets of water that you have to splash into to bust a winning move? All of this and more is possible with Makey Makey (as demonstrated in the video below).

We understand your scepticism and can already hear the concerns amount the effort that needs to be invested – setting up a train track for your children or turning on your latest gadget can already be exhausting. However, those with doubts will be pleased to hear that the path to play is as simple as this: use the alligator clips to connect two objects to the Makey Makey keyboard. This 'Makey move' makes the computer believe that the object is the keyboard – or mouse – allowing for complete flexibility across all programs and websites, because all respond to keyboard and mouse interactivity.

How complex to make the customised game after that is entirely up to the inventor. Any object that is able to conduct the tiniest bit of electricity will work – so why not try out your Platinum Card for starters? The possibilities for fun really are endless – all that is needed now is a little inspiration and a wild imagination.

For those hankering to find out the magical secrets (that is to say, the in-depth technical details) behind how Makey Makey works, visit the website.

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