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My first MP3

Those of us that were born and raised in the last century (and feel frightfully old because of it) never cease to marvel at the amount of gadgetry available to kids these days – and the ease with which even the very young handle smartphones, computers, game consoles and the like. 'My first MP3' is a fun way to acknowledge the fact that Baby is quite likely to own its first MP3 player before it reaches school age – but it does so with a nudge, a wink and a nostalgic twinge for a technologically simpler time.

Hidden inside the small, 16 by 16 centimetre embroidered cotton cushion is in fact a music box that plays Brahms' Lullaby. The music box comes embroidered with the words 'My first MP3' or, as this is a French design, 'Mon premier MP3'. Alternatively, it can be customised with the name of the baby.

Of course, it won't be long before the little one realises that this 'MP3 player' isn't exactly a state of the art gadget, but until that day comes, it will help sing Baby to sleep – all without a battery, touchscreen or Apple logo in sight.

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