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A Deconstructed Cocktail

A top mixologist’s recipe for the perfect transitional cocktail

A Deconstructed Cocktail

As the temperatures start rising, some prefer their libations to do just the opposite. We asked Danilo "Dacha" Bozovic, principal bartender at New York’s Macao Trading Co. and the bar manager and partner at the highly-anticipated Employees Only opening in Miami this fall, for his favourite cocktail creation as we head into the warmer months.

Enter the Madame Hong.

“The aim of Madame Hong — a cocktail found on the menu at Macao Trading Co. — is to give a refreshing, yet bitter sensation which marks an end to the winter and slow transition into the warmer days. Campari works perfectly with strawberries and lemon juice. It is refreshed and brought to life with a bit of bubbly and a small touch of Peychaud's Bitters. The burned aroma of the sage completes the cocktail.” 
— Danilo "Dacha" Bozovic

- 3/4 oz. Campari 
- 1 oz. strawberry puree 
- 1/2 oz. lemon juice 
- 1/4 oz. enriched simple syrup 
- 3 dashes Peychaud's Bitters 
- EO Prosecco
- 1 sage leaf

Shake all the ingredients except the prosecco. Then, strain the cocktail into a chilled champagne flute glass. finally, add the prosecco and garnish with a flamed sage.

DOMINANT AROMAS: bitter fruit and citrus
BODY: light to medium
DRYNESS: medium
FINISH: bitter sweet with a refreshing finish