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Savour South Africa

Shanti Maurice hosts first annual South African Food Festival

Savour South Africa

It's thousands of miles from the African coast in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but the Shanti Maurice resort really knows how to give guests a taste of South Africa – literally. The luxury retreat on Mauritius has even dedicated one of their signature seaside restaurants, Stars, to the multicultural conglomeration known as South African cuisine.

Dedicated chefs at the Shanti Maurice on Mauritius

Locally sourced and Cape inspired, the food cooked up by Executive Chef Willibald Reinbacher is meant to complement both the waves and the wine list, culled from renowned Cape vineyards. But this month is the best time to sample South Africa Mauritius-style when, for the first time ever, the Shanti Maurice throws a full-fledged three-day feast.

South African avant-garde chef Garth Stroebel

From September 22nd to 24th, the resort will turn into a family friendly festival of South African food and culture. Artists, drummers, raffles and games will take on a laid-back market atmosphere and provide entertainment for guests of all ages, both hotel residents and non-residents. Gourmet dinners and cooking demonstrations put the flavours in the foreground, inviting guests to try South African specialties from suckling pig on the spit to biltong, the salty-savoury dried meat treat that's been amassing followers around the world. There will be a garden tour led by Chef Reinbacher and ending in a wine tasting, as well as a finale gala dinner held in the beachfront Fish and Rhum Shack – an unlikely yet charming setting for a high-class meal.

Of course, it wouldn't be a legitimate festival without an expert on hand, so the Shanti Maurice is flying in Chef Garth Stroebel, award winner, book author and member of South Africa's avant-garde set. Having trained in the country's top tier hotels and restaurants, Stroebel is more than qualified to guide guests on their South African experience.

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A feast at the beachfront Fish and Rhum Shack