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Departures' Diary of unmissable exhibitions this season

Culturally Curated

Following the DEPARTURES Magazine Between the Lines feature on the re-emergence of drawings in the art world, we take a broader look and mark out a small collection of unmissable events, exhibitions and festivals to provoke, test and enliven cultural taste buds.

This Is Not Art – Newcastle, Australia – September 27th-30th

For fourteen years running, TiNA festival has explored the experimental and emerging arts – and this year is no exception. Four days of collaboration and critique will serve as a launching pad for new talent.
Find out more on the TiNA webpages

Festival Internacionale de Cine – Asunción, Paraguay – September 13th-October 4th

A global festival bringing short and feature length films from across the world to light up the silver screens of Asunción's Villamorra Cinecenter.
Further information on the festival's webpages

Taryn Simon Black Square – Athens, Greece – September 25th-December 7th

Taryn Simon Black Square – Black Square XI, Blue and Gold Macaw, 'Amiga', suffering from feather destructive disorder, 2012

Gagosian's Athens gallery plays host to photographer Taryn Simon and her series Black Square, which captures subjects that highlight specific cultural complexities and frames them against a black square – Kazimir Malevich's Black Square, an attempt to create abstraction devoid of social or political meaning. Text accompanies each photographs, serving Simon's role as both witness and informant.
See more at the Gagosian pages online

Artissima – Torino, Italy – November 9th-11th

An international fair of contemporary art – you'll find 'a window onto the most experimental frontier of the visual arts' that utilises the city's breadth of contemporary art institutions.
Visit Artissima online

SOFA Art & Design – Chicago, US – November 2nd-4th

Masterworks of contemporary art and design covering all mediums imaginable.
Further details on the SOFA webpages

Gabriel Orozco – Paris, France – September 8th-October 20th

New to Paris, this exhibition of Gabriel Orozco's work will be held at the Galerie Marian Goodman. Particularly of interest is Shade Between Rings of Air, a sculpture which the Mexican artist originally created for the 51st Venice Biennial, and is a 1-for-1 replica of the original La Pensilina that it stood next to. Since its time travelling the world, it has in itself become an independent mobile architectural object for placing into different contexts. A selection of new terracotta works will exhibit alongside the piece as part of the Orthocenters series.
Find out more at the Marian Goodman Gallery webpages

Gabriel Orozco – Orthocenters

Buenos Aires Photo – Buenos Aires, Argentina – October 26th-29th

Head to the Centro Cultural Recoleta for the showcase of prominent Latin American photographers and guests from around the world.
Visit the Buenos Aires Photo pages

Thomas Houseago Special Brew – London, UK – September 7th-October 27th

Face Panel II – Thomas Houseago: Special Brew

Showcasing the sculptor of contradiction for the first time, Hauser & Wirth present two exhibitions of the mysterious and at times brutal work of Thomas Houseago. Materially basic in the physical sense, utilising plaster, hemp, graphite and iron rebar, Houseago's works present a complex contrast to this. A parallel exhibition, Plants, flowers & faces, will also be presented in Hauser & Wirth Zürich, running from September 1st through October 20th.
See more on the Hauser & Wirth webpages