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Heritage Licks

Carpigiani Gelato Museum examines the history of the ice cream

Heritage Licks

All tasty treats are ephemeral to a certain extent. They are, after all, made to be consumed, and the time that passes before they disappear usually correlates inversely with their tastiness. However, of all the edibles that must sooner or later pass, surely ice cream is the most fleeting pleasure. From a young age, kids learn that they have to eat the refreshing sweet quickly, lick it carefully and hold it with attention to avoid dripping, melting or – worst of all – a total loss.

Now the Carpigiani Gelato Museum wants to pay enduring homage to the digestible delights of ice cream. The first museum of its kind, it will open on September 27th in Carpigiani near Bologna, Italy. The exhibition examining the history, culture and technology of real Italian gelato is aimed at young and old gourmands alike.

More than 20 original ice cream machines, multimedia presentations, 10,000 historical images, documents and tools of the trade from ages past will help visitors trace the origins of what we know as ice cream back to snow wells 14,000 years ago.

Of course, with all that talk about delicious gelato, it would be cruel not to offer a sample, so some of the historical recipes will be reproduced, enabling visitors to compare them with today's flavours. As the museum's curator, Luciana Polliotti said in a speech, "a museum cannot be fully described, one can only attempt to stimulate the desire to come and visit.”

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Children eating gelato, 1962