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Terry Ward

Globe-trotter living the luxe life, pen in hand

Based in Florida, Terry Ward has worked as a freelance writer specialising in luxury travel since 2001. She speaks French, Spanish, Dutch and some German and Arabic. Her work has been published in The Los Angeles Times Magazine, The Washington Post and Travel+Leisure, among many other travel publications.

What inspires you about travel?

The people I meet and the stories they share. There’s no end to the fascinating subject matter at home, too, of course, but when you’re on the road the experiences feel magnified all the more. You’re out of your cultural comfort zone and, in a way, more open to experiences. Some places have moved me more than others (France, Indonesia, Norway and Morocco, to name a few), and those are the destinations that keep me coming back year after year.

ow do you feel tourism has changed over recent years?

Things have become far more personal and bespoke. From the welcome amenities for loyal guests in the suites of luxury hotels and amenities in First Class airline cabins to custom concierge services in the world’s most luxurious villa, the luxury touches are more decadent than ever.

hich emerging brand should we have on our radar?

Eleven, for incredible private residence properties (and several on the way) in places like Iceland, the French Alps and the Bahamas.

hat is your favourite...

Word: Serendipitous

Destination: Norway

Food/Drink: Fresh trout from a mountaintop lake in the Faroe Islands, a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in the sun

Artwork: 'Dynamo' by Felice Varini

Essential Luxury: Heated bottle to warm the covers in a luxury safari tent

What is luxe?

Experientially, I interpret luxe according to the exclusiveness of a travel experience. Adventures that go beyond the grid of everyday travel (think sailing in Indonesia’s Spice Islands or watching the Northern Lights from a luxury residence in Finnmark) but are rendered with true decadence – those are the makings of a luxe travel life.