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Ralph Lauren Stirrup Steel Link

The Strongest Link

When Ralph Lauren fine watches debuted a few years ago, their flagship model was the equestrian-themed Stirrup collection. These watches for both men and women featured cases shaped like a riding stirrup in an attempt to create a signature look for the new high-end watchmaker.

The original concept of the Stirrup watch was for it to be attached to some variation of either a leather or alligator strap, which is the case with most of the collection. However, soon after its debut, Ralph Lauren released a version of the Stirrup for women on a chain link bracelet – a bold and somewhat controversial design.

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Steel Link

Offered exclusively in gold with a version totally covered with diamonds, the Stirrup Gold Link was a high-end glamour watch with a thick industrial looking bracelet of chunky gold links. It was luxury, it was loud, it was adequately feminine and it was only arguably elegant. Nevertheless, there was something still enchanting about it, and it was the first undeniably sexy timepiece from the Ralph Lauren watch brand.

We imagined that the Stirrup Gold Link would remain a limited production showpiece representing what the women’s Stirrup collection could ascend to be, but for 2013, Ralph Lauren has decided to offer the piece as a more accessibly priced model in steel. There are two versions of this Stirrup Link watch, ones that use a medium-sized case and ones that use a small-sized case. For now, only the higher-end gold models will be available with the larger case.

The Stirrup Steel Link case is 27.7 x 29.30mm in size and just 7.1mm thick. The rounded edges of the case match those of the bracelet, which is designed to fit comfortably and ergonomically on one’s wrist. The bracelet links (referred to as the “chunky chain” by Ralph Lauren) are fluid with a dazzling polish and look remarkably little like an industrial chain.

The Stirrup watch dial itself is white with black Roman numerals and black hands, with the monochromatic traditional look of the dial contrasting artistically with the look of the case and bracelet. Inside the watch is a Swiss RL688 calibre quartz movement.

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