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Vipp Trashion Bins By Lever Couture

Runway Refuse

Who ever thought that trash cans could become couture? Well, ever trendy Danish design company Vipp had a vision that they could be, and teamed up with chic German fashion label Lever Couture to lever the idea into a kitchen reality.

The pedal bin is undeniably a kitchen convenience for the disposal of scraps, ubiquitous and useful, but ultimately, forgettable. Vipp is responsible for its invention – with the company's founder Holger Nielsen initially creating the pedal trash can for his wife's hair salon in 1939 to comfortably get rid of cuttings without too much hassle. The initial bin design was in fact so sleek and sturdy that little has changed of the years, and it has come to be regarded as somewhat of a classic – so much so that it has earned a spot in New York's MoMA.

Not content with accumulating haute design status, Vipp has now turned its attention to the realm of haute couture, releasing a collection of bins design by Lessja Verlingieri of Lever Couture. Having worked on couture creation for extravagant stars such as Lady Gaga, who never fails to make a style statement, Lessja Verlingieri was the perfect choice for the scrap to style challenge. Known as 'trashion' bins, it took 1400 metres of fabric and 400 working hours to turn trash into something flash. The end result is a striking set of 8 metal 'fashion models' that are dressed in made-to-measure couture that is worthy of the catwalk. The video below captures the design to 'dress' process.

The Trashion Bins are perfect for fashionistas wishing for a stylish alternative to the hum-drum disposal choice awkwardly placed in their stylish cooking space. After all, if you are gong to splash out on the appliances, then a classy trash can is necessity for complete the kitchen wow-factor.

Taking centre stage on until the 3rd June, afterwards the bold en vogue bins will be available directly from Vipp.

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